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Factology – Issue 25: Birds


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FACTOLOGY – Open up a world of Information!

Egg-citing Stuff Ahead!

We’re taking things to the nest level with this issue of Factology. It’s all about the brilliance of birds: where they come from and how they fly, catch prey, lay eggs and survive in a frequently dangerous world.

Prepare for a round-the-world tour of the bird kingdom. You’ll run with the giant ostrich, hover with titchy hummingbirds and soar for thousands of miles with the majestic albatross. You’ll learn how light bones keep birds in the air, discover why flamingos turn pink and marvel at the dances and dazzling plumage that the birds- of-paradise use to attract mates.

There are crafty cuckoos, clever corvids and chattering parrots. Plus, a guest appearance by the ancient Archaeopteryx: the first bird to ever exist. And you’ll see how birds have helped the imaginations of storytellers and inventors take flight throughout history. Owl you ever wanted to know about birds is just a page away!

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