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Factology – Issue 15: Weather


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FACTOLOGY – Open up a world of Information!

From why red rain falls in India to how fiery funnels form, get ready to discover all the wildest and wackiest facts about our planet’s mind-boggling meteorology.

Did you know that Antarctica is actually a desert? One of its valleys hasn’t seen rain for almost two million years. Or that a Californian heatwave once turned grapes into raisins on the vine? Scorchio!

From rare rainbows to symmetrical snowflakes, it’s time to investigate what causes these atmospheric wonders and then get busy recording the weather where you are with your own homemade barometer.

Learn about the climate crisis, check out the amazing inventions scientists are creating to combat it and discover what you can do to help with our 20 ways to be an eco-champion.

Terrible twisters, brutal blizzards, fearsome floods – are you ready to WEATHER the storm? Hang onto your hats, it’s a WHIRLWIND of fierce facts!

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