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Factology – Issue 27: Democracy (Current Issue)


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FACTOLOGY – Open up a world of Information!

Your democracy needs you!

Democracy is not just about how and when adults vote in elections. It’s at the centre of everything we do and say every day. It protects our right to express an opinion, to find out what’s going on in our country and abroad and to get rid of leaders that are corrupt or just not very good. And, unlike in other parts of the world, in a democratic country you can do all that without being thrown in jail!

This is your complete guide to how that system works, and why it’s so important. As part of that, you’ll see how over centuries people have fought for the democratic rights we now enjoy. Some of the most famous people in the history of the world have been part of that struggle. They include Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Sir Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Emmeline Pankhurst. The list of freedom fighters is long but endless because for any democracy to survive it needs new champions.

So along with all the fascinating facts and head-spinning history, you’ll also find ways in which you can have your say, take part in the process and become a democratic hero for the 21st century!

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