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Factology – Issue 12: Crypto


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FACTOLOGY – Open up a world of Information!

How much do you know about crypto?

Digital currencies are changing the way we use, bank and invest our money. Today it’s more important than ever before to understand what money is, how it works and where it’s going. But you can’t get to grips with the reasons why bitcoin’s technology is so revolutionary or the risks involved in investing in crypto if you don’t know much about money in general.

What’s the average salary in the UK? Who earns more – bankers or doctors? How did we go from bartering stones and shells to tapping wallets and watches?

Starting with the earliest forms of currency, follow the evolution of money and find out how
bitcoin and blockchains are changing the game. Use the budget tracker on to build good habits without getting bored (how much of your pocket money do you spend and save each month?), and learn what your cash is really worth.

Ready to make money work for you, Factologists?

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