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Factology – Issue 26: Victorians


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FACTOLOGY – Open up a world of Information!

A wheely big deal!

If it wasn’t for the Victorians, modern Britain – and the modern world – would be a very different place. This issue of Factology explores how they changed almost everything, from work to transport to the way we communicate.

Get ready for a whistle-stop tour of the Victorian age. You’ll peek inside the brilliant minds that introduced trains that travel underground, ships made of steel, bone-shaking bicycles, primitive computers and the concept of evolution. You’ll learn what separated the wealthy haves from the poor have-nots, why reading books and speaking to ghosts exploded in popularity – and how Queen Victoria survived seven assassination attempts! Plus, you’ll journey across Britain’s globe-spanning empire, seeing how the Victorians conquered and controlled the people of India and Africa.

There are terrifying teachers, stunning sewers, peculiar prime ministers and a mysterious killer known as Jack the Ripper. Quick, all aboard – the 19th century awaits…

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