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Factology – Issue 19: Robots


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FACTOLOGY – Open up a world of Information!

Come and tech a look inside…

We’re at the beginning of a ROBOTICS REVOLUTION! Awesome AI is already greeting us each morning when we unlock our phones, figuring out what we want on our feeds, powering Google and Alexa, showing us the way on map apps and helping us keep track of our cash. As we speak, millions of robots are working in factories around the world, assembling cars, sorting stock and packing products. Before long they’ll be helping doctors diagnose diseases, driving you to school and delivering your shopping. In the future, smart robot swarms could be sent to sweep up oil spills, and chips implanted in your brain may let you move a computer mouse using your mind! Drones and droids, chatbots and chorebots, cyborgs and softbots – it’s the dawning of a dazzling digital age!

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