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Woodworking Crafts is intended for anyone and everyone from beginners to experienced woodworkers who want to expand their range woodworking knowledge and learn new skills. It covers everything from green woodworking to cabinetmaking to DIY, upcycling, restoration and many craft disciplines based on wood such as marquetry, pyrography, woodturning and carving. The emphasis is on applied techniques and working with different tools and materials. Readers are encouraged to interact and play their part too, with reader based product tests, letters, hints and tips published in each issue.

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In this month’s issue:

In the September issue of Woodworking Crafts we have a miscellany of interesting articles. Louise Biggs builds a custom wardrobe storage unit, you can make a delightful Japanese inspired coffee table or brush up your routing technique creating a hexagonal planter. A green woodworking expert shows us how to select and use Wych Elm bast (bark) for seat weaving etc. There is a garden sunbreak plan in case our stupendous hot summer continues through the year and the editor upcycles a family favourite writing slope. Our main feature is about the amazing working industrial museum at Amberley, West Sussex and we feature the delicious pear in our Trees For Life series. There is Part I of The Editor’s Toolbox, choosing his ideal kit. There is so much more but for that you will need to buy the magazine!