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Woodworking Crafts is intended for anyone and everyone from beginners to experienced woodworkers who want to expand their range woodworking knowledge and learn new skills. It covers everything from green woodworking to cabinetmaking to DIY, upcycling, restoration and many craft disciplines based on wood such as marquetry, pyrography, woodturning and carving. The emphasis is on applied techniques and working with different tools and materials. Readers are encouraged to interact and play their part too, with reader based product tests, letters, hints and tips published in each issue.

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In this month’s issue:

Issue 54 of Woodworking Crafts has lots of great articles for you to enjoy. In Projects, the Editor finishes his Remembrance seat; Michael T Collins transforms a desk into two bedside cabinets; Jean Grace carves a hedgehog; we learn to make a facecloth holder with an extract from Scrollsaws: A Woodworker’s Guide; green woodworking expert Ben Law makes a Sussex knee vice; and in Plans 4 You, Simon Rodway makes a kitchen trolley.

In our Techniques section, Louise Biggs repairs the cases of two Vienna regulator clocks; Anne Briggs Bohnett takes a look at block planes; the Editor makes a downdraught table for the workshop; Tricks of the Trade looks at patching torn or damaged wood; we have tips on choosing and using edge moulding cutters; and our joints series covers the lap joint.

In our Community pages, Krishan Vara tells us why he loves ‘unplugged’ woodworking; we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Woodland Heritage charity; and we learn what happened to all that fancy furniture during the French Revolution.

We also have the latest news and events; book reviews; product tests; and a sneak peek at our next issue.

All this and more in issue 54 of Woodworking Crafts, so be sure to get yourself a copy!