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Factology – Issue 21: Ocean


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FACTOLOGY – Open up a world of Information!

All aboard!

Come with us as we dive below the waves into the mysteries of the deep blue sea. First stop? The Mariana Trench (seven miles down!) to study deep-sea lifeforms such as the cockeye squid – why do you think they have two differently shaped eyes? How do these otherworldly animals live in such pitch-black depths? Then we’re plotting a course for the Great Barrier Reef to marvel at the moon jellyfish and goggle at the corals – watch out for the lionfish! – and on to the Southern Ocean, home to the world’s biggest seabird, the wandering albatross. Soar above the chilly polar waters on three-metre wings and find out why some icebergs are stripy, before meeting the largest animal ever known to have lived on Earth – the blue whale. Did you know these magnificent marine animals weigh about the same as 33 elephants? Get ready to find out even more KRILLER facts about countless coastal creatures and the salty seas they call home in this SEA-riously awesome issue of Factology!

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