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Factology – Issue 17: Volcanoes


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FACTOLOGY – Open up a world of Information!

Have you ever shaken a bottle of fizzy pop before taking off the lid? Then you know what happens when gas bubbles build up inside something – BOOM! Volcanoes work in much the same way, except these bubbles of gas are trapped in hot liquid rock, so when they erupt from the Earth’s crust, you’d better take cover!

To understand how that rock gets so hot and where it comes from, we’re travelling deep underground. Past our planet’s pushy plates, minding all that molten magma, until we reach the blistering core (it’s only 6,000°C!). Along the way we’re hearing from volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer, marvelling at moons that spew freezing lava and tapping into the wonders of geothermal energy.

Stinky sulphur, colossal craters, terrifying tremors – are you ready to rumble with one of the most powerful forces at work on our planet? Welcome to the EXPLOSIVE world of volcanoes – it’s gonna be a BLAST!

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