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Factology – Issue 22: Reptiles


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FACTOLOGY – Open up a world of Information!

Shell we begin?

Reptiles are scaly, slithery, sensitive and full of surprises! These cold-blooded critters are one of the oldest and most diverse group of species on planet Earth.

Get ready for a round-the-world tour of the reptile kingdom. You’ll encounter terrifying ancient crocodiles, flying dragon lizards that can glide through the air and snakes that spend their whole lives at sea. You’ll discover how chameleons change their colour, why rattlesnakes got their name and the reason many reptiles shed their skin.

There are fearsome predators like the Komodo dragon and even a ‘living fossil’: New Zealand’s unique tuatara. Plus, a look at reptiles’ influence on myths, movies and medicine. Gharials, king cobras, iguanas and thorny devils – all aboard for a sensational reptile safari!

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