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Factology – Issue 18: Vikings


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FACTOLOGY – Open up a world of Information!

What do you think of when you hear the word Viking? Do you picture a race of fierce seafaring warriors wearing horrible horned helmets?

Well, the reality is a bit more complicated. For starters, their helmets didn’t have any horns! And they also weren’t just one people. The pillaging pirates who raided Europe’s coasts came from all over Scandinavia, and lots of people from those countries never even picked up a sword – they preferred to stay at home and farm their own land, thank you very much!

From barbarians who built breathtaking boats to designers who donned dazzling duds, find out more about the real peoples of the Viking Age. Gigantic gods, mind-blowing myths, remarkable runes – get ready to discover all the most fascinating facts about these raiders, traders and history makers.

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