Teen Breathe

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Are you mindful? The word seems to be everywhere these days. But what does it really mean? And who, and what, is it for? Well, it’s about paying attention in a particular way that encourages curiosity (not as easy as first imagined), it’s for everyone and it helps you understand how the mind works and appreciate all the good things in life – no matter how small they might seem.

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Our 10th issue:

What do caring, committed and creative have in common? Yes, they all begin with C (that’s just Teen Breathe crowbarring
in some awful alliteration). But beyond that they’re three of
the top qualities to be found in people who take the lead.

There are many others: fairness, respect and honesty are another important trio. And the last of these – honesty – isn’t
just about not telling lies or exaggerating. It’s about being able
to admit mistakes, to learn from them and to move on.

It might sound scary (and it is, a little) but smart leaders realise that to do the job well, whether it’s being deputy head girl or directing a movie, they need to have people’s trust. Being able
to put their hands up and say ‘I was wrong’ is part of this, as is being a bit brave and 100 per cent committed to doing their best.

Of course, not everyone chooses to be in charge, but if a leading role comes your way, try not to be daunted. Remember no one’s perfect (or needs to be); everyone makes mistakes; there are
many different styles of leadership (it’s not all shouty and bossy); and your team will respect your hard work, honesty and help.