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Teen Breathe Magazine – Issue 43


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In this issue: I owe you • Family values • As I was saying… • Breathing space • Guiding lights • Float like a butterfly • Room with a view • Awkward encounters • Novelty factor

Sometimes, life can seem a bit like an obstacle course. There are phases when you’re leaping hurdles with ease and flying along on even ground, and other times when the terrain is tricky to navigate and it feels like you might just sink in the mud.

Whether the challenge is seemingly small social anxieties, a significant transition or a painful loss, it’s easy to be so focused on getting through it that you forget to use the resources at your disposal.

If you’re able to take a breath and look around, however, you’ll see that there are people ready to support you and countless tools you can use to make the going less tough.

Imagine lifting your eyes to see your parents or guardians cheering you on. Reminding yourself of what they’ve done for you and how much you appreciate them can give you strength when you need it most.

You might also be able to call on other role models to use as inspiration when you lose your way, or whose determination helps you jump back up when you stumble.

Thinking about others who’ve travelled the path ahead of you, whether they’re older relatives you admire, fictional heroes or figures from the past, can add to your own inner strength and provide ideas for how to tackle even the biggest of challenges.

It goes without saying that no one can traverse the course for you, but knowing that you’re equipped to handle whatever lies ahead will give you faith in yourself and your ability to take the ups and downs in your stride.

Cover Illustration by Erin Hung

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