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Teen Breathe Magazine – Issue 46


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In this issue:All in good time • Take courage • Wildlife rescue • I don’t care • Sleep easy • You are the champion • The sky’s the limit • Thanks a million • Luck and laughter

There’s nothing like the warm glow you feel when you’re told you’ve done something well. Whether a friend’s thanked you for helping them out, a parent’s praised you on a recent achievement or you can just see that you’ve made a good impression, it’s rewarding to know that your efforts have been noticed.

There might be certain things you’d like to accomplish, though, where success is less outwardly obvious. It might be wanting to feel appreciated in a friendship, trying something new in spite of being worried you might fail or being able to get your point across even when you’re nervous.

In these situations, there might not be anyone to remark on your progress or to remind you that you’re doing well. And without encouragement, it’s sometimes hard to keep trying.

But there’s always one person who’ll be there to wave the flag with your name on it, and that’s you. You can cheer yourself on in lots of ways, from speaking kindly to yourself every day to choosing a song that reminds you of your strengths and playing it at full volume whenever you need a boost.

Learning to be your own champion also means you’re in a good position to stand up for yourself, which helps you build healthy relationships with friends and family and develop a strong sense of who you are.

It takes courage and practice to truly be there for yourself, but finding that inner advocate means that wherever you are – and whatever you’re doing – you’ll always have the support you need.

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