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Teen Breathe Magazine – Issue 36


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In this issue: On the same page • Sweet sensation • Food for thought • Art of apology • Be more dog
The ultimate power nap • Let’s talk tics • Goodwill hunting • Tessellated treasures

Life is full of things that are beyond human control. For some people that’s exciting, for others it’s nerve-racking. Whatever your outlook, it can be reassuring to consider that one thing that doesn’t have to be left to chance is the way you relate and respond to those around you.

Having positive experiences with family and friends – including pets and even people you share only fleeting moments with – can make a real difference to how you feel about the world. And it’s in your power to make your interactions as joyful as you like.

There are all sorts of ways you can enhance your exchanges with others, from carrying out small acts of kindness to bonding over a shared hobby or passion.

If you don’t always find it easy to make meaningful connections, there are certain skills you can learn that might help. These include how to listen attentively, say sorry when necessary and let down your defences and open up when it feels safe to do so.

Important as friendships are, however, the most significant relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself.

Sometimes, in the rush of everyday life, it can be hard to make time to attend to your inner world, whether that’s by practising yoga, watching relaxing videos, sketching or spending time in nature. But setting aside moments to unwind in a style that suits you is a great way to be your own best friend and show yourself some kindness.

Cover Illustration: Illustration by Kitty O’Rourke/The Bright Agency

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