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Teen Breathe Magazine – Issue 40


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In this issue: Sowing the seeds • Book nook • The power of pop • Brave the cave • Spirit of the sea • Accidental counsellor • Small wonders • It’s good to talk • Walking on sunshine

The transition into a new season is an ideal time to watch for signs of change in the natural world. These might be the first flowers opening, the evening light lasting longer each day or leaves turning red and gold, storing up energy for future growth.

Paying attention to seasonal shifts creates a deeper connection with the Earth and there are many ways to tune in. You might note down your observations on a calendar, record them in a journal or use them as inspiration for creative writing.

Or you might simply decide to spend more time in the fresh air, walking with friends, trying new outdoor activities or visiting a local park, city farm or woodland.

Learning to notice nature in this way has another big benefit – it helps you become more aware of subtle shifts within yourself. Think of the knot of uncertainty that forms in your stomach when something feels wrong or that flutter of excitement in your chest when you just know a decision is the right one – your gut feelings.

It’s often a challenge to identify what you truly think and feel when you’re faced with conflicting options and opinions. But if you look out for the small signals your body sends, you’re more likely to hear your inner voice loud and clear.

Paying these internal cues the same kind of attention that you give to the world around you helps your intuition take the lead. It may also guide you towards the best possible conditions for you to grow.

Cover Illustration by Kimberly Morris

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