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Teen Breathe Magazine – Issue 34


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In this issue: Freedom to wander • Celebrate summer • Grow your own pet • No need for excuses • Take the stress out of studying • Ideal chit chat • Dress to express • Only connect

Look outside and chances are you’ll see some plants and trees awash with green. So, let the sight inspire you to look inside and focus on your own growth.

People never stop growing, much as nature keeps unfolding into full bloom. Nurture yourself by embracing the freedom to explore whatever offshoots emerge along
the way.

The process of growing into the person you’re going to be often includes a bump or two, but it’s a path worth treading. Other people can sometimes seem like obstacles, but running into them plays a key role in taking personal responsibility for what you do and creating an identity of your own.

Everyone interprets the world in a unique way, yet everything you see, read or hear can be shared. People learn a lot from each other – it’s a vital part of growing.

A friend’s fashion sense can influence your own personal style. Discussing a book or show with others can make you rethink what you’ve watched or read. And practising how you interact with friends and family now can help prepare for handling situations in the future.

Bouncing ideas off other people helps you develop as an individual. How much your social experiences shape the person you become is still the subject of debate. But it’s clear that humans cannot grow or thrive without connection.

Sparking the smallest conversation at a party or simply teaming up with someone else in an exercise class can start people down the road of growing stronger together.

Cover Illustration: Illustration by Marina Ester Castaldo

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