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SWIM – Issue 7


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Born in Plymouth and raised in South Africa, extreme swimmer and ocean advocate Lewis Pugh has been testing the limits of what the human body can endure for more than 30 years, shining a light on a planet in crisis by swimming some of its most hostile waters. On page six he tells us what it is that pushes him to get back in, and why he plans to keep doing it until he’s 90.

If you’re keen for a cold-water challenge of your own, look no further than Tallinn 2024, where swimmers of every level can compete for their country in the winter world championships. Seasoned participant Colin Hill has all you need to know on page 50.

Or if you’ve ever eyed up a multisport event but were unsure where to start, find out how to go from swimmer to triathlete on page 34. Most rookies are runners and cyclists who dread the swim, so if you’re used to open water you’ll have a natural advantage.

If the triathlon bug bites, getting the most out of your kit will become (even more of) a priority. Turn to page 14 for tips on caring for your wetsuit and ensuring it lasts. While for those who prefer their cold-water dips au naturel, extreme environments expert Dr Heather Masey has advice on post-swim recovery, particularly for the more acclimatised, on page 102.

Finally, racers and more leisurely swimmers alike will be pleased to hear of the restoration of Morecambe Bay’s Grange Lido. Thanks to the work of a community campaign group, the Grade II-listed structure
has been rescued from oblivion. There’s hope its story will capture the public’s imagination, bringing life back to a bay that was once a mecca for open-water marathons. Read all about it on page 64.

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