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SWIM – Issue 5


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The story of Scottish swimmer Andy Donaldson’s courageous oceanic quest as he attempts to be the first to swim the Ocean Sevens marathon in a single year is an emotional one. The near-200km swim across seven of the world’s most dangerous sea channels is a trial of extreme endurance that few complete, let alone in such quick proximity. Turn to page 6 to read about the challenges and adversities each leg presented, and discover what drives open water’s flying Scotsman.

If you’re keen to hone your swimming skills on dry land, then New York drill instructor Dan Daly is the coach to help you do it. Get the lowdown on his innovative strength and conditioning vision on page 14, and then turn to page 44, where he insists his breathing exercises will gain you immediate improvements to your performance in the pool.

Instead of deterring them from taking to the water, the swimmers, paddlers and kayakers on the River Dart are collaborating to advocate on behalf of their beloved, but damaged, river. Turn to page 68 and be inspired to add your voice to those working together to create long-lasting, positive change.

Finally, relish elite British swimmer Amber Keegan’s roundup of the most memorable performances at the 2023 World Aquatics championships in Fukuoka, Japan, on page 36; learn which wetsuit suits your skillset on page 24; and be dazzled in equal measure by ice swimmer Bárbara Hernandez Huerta’s Antarctic mission (page 62), Alan Corcoran’s gruelling Irish undertaking (page 46) and the rare bioluminescent lagoons that shine when the Sun sets (page 96).

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