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SWIM – Issue 4


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Elite swimmers face incredible pressures to perform their best on a given day, something British open-water freestyler Amber Keegan is all too aware of. Amber talks to us on page 4 about the struggles she’s overcome on her journey to this pinnacle, and why right now her focus is all about enjoying the moment.

Whether you’re a distance swimmer, a sprinter or just starting out, when it comes to swimming freestyle, technique is key. Find out why Yorkshireman Paul Newsome’s innovative new teaching method is taking off around the world on page 32, and then turn to page 20, where marathon swimmer Colin Hill explains the fluid catch-up.

For those spending summer in the city, London’s Docklands makes for the perfect alfresco dip – check it out on page 10. Or if you prefer a saltier sanctuary, take a look at some of the stunning sea pools enjoying a renaissance on page 56, where communities around the world are gathering to swim and socialise again.

Finally, we explore ways to tame your tresses and banish the post-swim frizz on page 100, before signing off with a lighthearted reminder that summer is here and time spent in the water doesn’t always have to be serious. Why not recapture those carefree days of youth with a game or two in the pool – Marco Polo, anyone?

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