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Knitting Magazine – Issue 251 (Current Issue)


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Halo effect: those of you who remember the 1980s are likely to have had at least one big, fluffy, possibly batwing, mohair jumper. Mohair has come a long way since then, as you’ll find in our pattern collection for this issue, and in the beautiful, high-quality mohair blends you can squish in yarn shops and at festivals everywhere.

These days the quality is so much higher and the yarns are so varied and versatile that there’s a mohair for everyone – including homegrown mohair yarns from goats raised in Northumberland and Dunfermline, Scotland, whose adoring farmers at Whistlebare and Annfield Farm we’re introducing in this issue. And if you’re still not sure about mohair, we’ve got plenty of soft, brushed alpaca and other fluffy fibres to give you that delightful halo effect that’s so trendy in the knitting world right now.

We’ve also got an interview with innovative designer Woolly Wormhead, who is introducing her exciting new book Short-row Colorwork Knitting. Among our patterns we’ve got plenty of techniques, from cables to lace and from top-down knitting to intarsia. Enjoy!

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