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Knitting Magazine – Issue 242


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Glorious garter stitch: in this issue’s gallery we celebrate the beauty and versatility of garter stitch. Our team of expert designers has put together an exquisite collection of patterns that showcase the simplicity and elegance of this classic stitch.

From cosy sweaters and shawls to delicate lace accessories and home decor items, you’ll love the tactile feel of the squishy garter stitch fabric, which is both warm and comforting.

In this issue, we focus on natural sheep shades, with creamy whites, delicate greys, and deep browns taking centre stage. But we’ve also added pops of bold colour to brighten things up and add a touch of fun. You’ll find plenty of inspiration in our galleries, where you can see the projects in all their glory.

So sit back, relax and indulge in the joys of garter stitch. With this issue of Knitting magazine, you’ll discover the endless possibilities that this simple stitch has to offer.

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