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Knitting Magazine – Issue 246


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Viva Vivienne!: in this issue we are taking inspiration from Dame Vivienne Westwood’s experimental designs, collage-like ensembles, anarchic fabric combinations and graffiti-inspired motifs, as well as her love of tweed and tartan, her pilfering from history and her overarching sense of fun. We also take a look back at her life and career, and ask our designers what influence she has had on both fashion knitwear and hand knitting.

Our designs aren’t copies of hers – in each one a designer has taken an idea that speaks to them in Dame Vivienne’s work and designed a piece that expresses that idea, from the frothy lace and tassels of Erika Knight’s Viva Vivienne cardigan to the anarchic mixture of patterns and styles that is Sarah Hazell’s Buy Less, Buy Well Wrap.

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