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Woodworking Crafts – Issue 86


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In issue 86 of Woodworking Crafts you’ll find plenty to inspire and inform your crafts.

In Projects, Kevin Alviti finds the perfect storage solution with his design for a pigeon hole cupboard; Renato Mazzucco makes a xylophone; Mark Palma restores a damaged metal toolbox; Fred and Julie Byrne light up the room with a scrollsawn table lamp; Alan Holtham builds an unusual shelf unit with a nautical flavour; Charles Mak makes a simple light tent that will improve your project photography; Peter Benson carves a seated hare; James Hatter makes a toy scooter; Jim Robinson designs a set of narrow bookshelves; Bob Chapman makes a fun bunny box; Anthony Bailey upcycles an old desk to make a new washstand; and Ross Pollard makes an Arts & Crafts-style fumed oak picture frame.

In our Techniques articles, Derek Jones share his tips for hand veneering; Amber Bailey explains how to repair water-damaged furniture; Anthony Bailey demonstrates housing joints; and Richard Findley learns the ukibori texturing technique.

In Features, we meet turner and author Richard Findley; we profile the woodworkers who will benefit from QEST funding; we showcase items from The Wood Symphony Gallery’s Art of Giving exhibition; and we learn about the winner of the Screwfix Top Tradesperson prize.

All this and more in issue 86 of Woodworking Crafts !

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