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Woodworking Crafts – Issue 83


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In issue 83 of Woodworking Crafts you’ll find plenty to inspire and inform your crafts.

In Projects, Kevin Alviti makes a scoop for harvesting berries; Fred and Julie Byrne use their scrollsaw to make a welcome sign; Terry Nokes carves a Halloween pumpkin from tulipwood; James Hatter shows how to utilise the awkward spaces in your home by building alcove fillers and cover cupboards; Anthony Bailey rebuilds an old storage chest; Zoe Gertner carves a maple leaf; Peter Benson whittles a chipmunk; David Barron builds a Scandinavian-style workbench; Mark Sanger turns and decorates a Moroccan-style bowl; Alan Holtham constructs a hallway settle; Paolo Pozzi makes a rustic barn door for a gazebo; and Anthony Bailey uses his router to make an unusual wine rack.

In our Techniques articles, Charles Mak makes a tablesaw strip-ripping jig; Mitch Peacock demonstrates how to use stereometry to incorporate irregular shapes into your woodworking; Brian London explains the principles of CNC machining and how it can benefit your work; Michael Huntley shares his tips for perfect drilling; Anne Briggs takes an in-depth look at rasps and files; Walter Hall shares his guide to site tablesaws; and Derek Jones discusses the benefits of the saw vice.

In Features, we meet Chris Sneesby who turned his idea for a modular garden office into the successful business, Archipod; Dave Bates of Bates & Stiles reports on the latest news from the Dalmann Tool Appeal; and Mark Palma introduces his ‘shop assistants’, the kit and accessories that make his work easier.

All this and more in issue 83 of Woodworking Crafts !

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