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Woodworking Crafts – Issue 73


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In issue 73 of Woodworking Crafts you’ll find plenty to inspire and inform your crafts. In Projects, Charles Mak uses easy techniques to make an octagonal-shaped veneered clock; Kevin Alviti makes a handy wooden pizza peel; Matt Morse recycles materials to build a Roubo bench; Steve Bisco carves and fumes a traditional Celtic-style cross; Amber Bailey restores a discarded oak chair using her Danish weaving skills; Alan Holtham builds a bookcase from MDF; Fred and Julie Byrne make a set of animal puzzles; Richard Findley turns some replacement posts for a decaying front porch; Peter Brett makes a rustic oak table; Vic Tesolin makes a simple Tudor bench with interlocking joinery; and Anne Briggs Bohnett constructs a dovetailed oak writing desk.

In our Techniques articles, Anthony Bailey demonstrates letter-writing with the router; Matt Long shares his guide to quick and easy plane sharpening; Steve Maskery makes two jigs that will improve your box making; Stuart Lawson explains the advantages of table routing and makes a large and small table; Derek Jones tests the new generation of water-based lacquers; Anthony Bailey creates second fix joinery from scratch; and Liam Thomas discovers a new technique for cutting sliding dovetails.

In Features, Kate Jensen of RAW Restorations tells us how she and her dad upcycle timber from old barns into unique furniture and artworks; Lauren Jarvis discovers why old-growth forests are essential for the planet’s biodiversity; artist James Doran Webb tells us about his stunning driftwood sculptures; and Colin Sullivan looks at the history of the hand-powered wheel brace.

All this and more in issue 73 of Woodworking Crafts !

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