Woodworking Crafts Issue 70 (Current Issue)


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In issue 70 of Woodworking Crafts you’ll find plenty to inspire and inform your crafts.

In Projects, Rick Rich makes a classic staked chair; Kevin Alviti builds a storage box with carved detail; Paul Maddock recycles an old oak fence post to make a counter-balanced clock; Andrea Zanini brings order to his workshop with a handy tool storage cabinet; Fred and Julie Byrne use their scrollsaw to carve a spooky Halloween lantern; Keith Smith completes the work on his console table; Chris Tribe restores a Georgian desk; Chris West turns a small rectangular pot; and Matt Morse takes on the challenge of making a set of library steps.

In our Techniques articles, Anthony Bailey reveals how to get the best out of your jigsaw; Steve Bisco shows how to gild your woodwork; Steve Russell has a guide to choosing and using abrasives; Charles Mak explains how to make cabinetmakers’ buttons; Anthony Bailey looks at the simple rebate joint; John Bullar learns what to look for when choosing a backsaw; Alan Holtham shares a jig that will improve the function of your mitre saw; and Dennis Zongker shows how to carve decorative scrolls on furniture.

In Features, London-based fabrication company Cake Industries tell us about their varied projects; we learn about the tools of the lumberjack’s trade; Canadian Woodworker Ryan Hawkins tells us about his business, West Coast Boards; Alice Johnson discovers the science behind the autumnal change in leaf colours; and Colin Sullivan looks at the scraper plane.

All this and more in issue 70 of Woodworking Crafts!