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Woodworking Crafts Issue 69


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In issue 69 of Woodworking Crafts you’ll find plenty to inspire and inform your crafts. In Projects, Fred and Julie Byrne make three large garden jigsaw puzzles; Nic Westermann carves a freestyle fluted bowl; James Hatter builds a front porch; Michael Barrington makes a garden bench; Keith Smith makes a small console table; Colwin Way turns a set of table skittles; Alan Goodsell and Randall Maxey build a wall cabinet; John Bullar makes a simple table; Anthony Bailey makes a backgammon board; Franciszek de Sage conserves an antique tea caddy; and Rick Rich makes a Shaker-style three-legged table.
In our Techniques articles, Charles Mak demonstrates an easy way to make knock-down furniture; Steve Bisco carves a Queen Anne-style leg; Mitch Peacock shares his saw sharpening process; Andrew Thomas explains the most effective way to cut forms on the bandsaw; Andrew Fermer gives a workshop acoustics guide that will help protect your hearing; and Matt Long presents all the information you need about working with hand planes.
In Features, Marc Fovargue-Davies reports on an ambitious project to restore a Cambridgeshire windmill; Mitch Peacock reviews WDS’s Moxon Vice Hardware Kit; we visit the Cairngorms workshop of ‘Wooden Tom’, aka Tom Banks; Emma Newlyn discovers the health benefits of a walk in the woods; and Derek Jones investigates the enduring popularity of Shaker style.
All this and more in issue 69 of Woodworking Crafts!

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