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Woodworking Crafts Issue 67


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In issue 67 of Woodworking Crafts you’ll find plenty to inspire and inform your crafts. In Projects, Mitch Peacock makes a pair of his and hers valet stands; Charles Mak shows how to make wooden key grips; Richard Findley finishes designing and turning his chess pieces; Alessandro Minenza and Francesca Ramaglia start to build a child’s play house/desk; Derek Jones makes a picture frame with perfectly cut deep rebates; John Bee has a design for a quick and easy rustic table; Fred and Julie Byrne use the scrollsaw to make a toy truck; Alan Goodsell and Randell Maxey have a plan for a simple pine toolbox; Ian Parker’s pencil case will help hone your marking and measuring skills; Michael Huntley customises his workbench and fits a vice and benchdogs; James Hatter presents a simple garden improvement for your greenhouse; Zoe Gertner carves a Celtic-style design on a platter; Oz Hassan builds a multifunctional footstool and table; and Anthony Bailey makes some essential repairs on a damaged table.

In our Techniques articles, Anne Briggs Bohnett takes the maths out of woodwork with her guide to marking gauges; Colin Sullivan puts standard and premium plane blades to the test; John Bullar takes a fresh look at bridle joints; and Anthony Bailey takes us through the whys and wherefores of choosing timber for furniture.

In Features, Wood Awards winners share their favourite wooden items; we meet Ryecotewood Furniture Centre student Charlie Teager-Neale, who is already reaching the top tiers of national cabinetmaking contests; we consider the challenges of designing for mobile homes; we learn more about the winner of the European Tree of the Year; find out about furniture-making courses at Dorset’s Boat Building Academy; Czech woodcarver Ladislav Zika tells us about his life and craft; liven up your Zoom calls with digital backgrounds from the Museum of the Home; and Carol Anne Strange reflects on how growing a tree is an act of patience that can be rewarding on so many levels;

All this and more in issue 67 of Woodworking Crafts!

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