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Woodworking Crafts Issue 64


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In issue 64 of Woodworking Crafts you’ll find plenty to inspire and inform your crafts. In Projects, Peter Brett makes a half moon console table; Louise Biggs constructs a box to house two special family books; an offcut inspires Derek Jones to make a neat little wedge-end box; Oz Hassan takes the long and thin approach to bookcase construction; Anthony Bailey has the perfect storage solution for keeping cutters safe and accessible; Mitch Peacock builds a Japanese plane and kitchen utensil; Emma Basden turns scrap pallet wood into a stylish headboard; Fred and Julie Byrne use their scrollsaw to create unique picture frames; Alan Holtham uses bendy MDF to conceal an unsightly boiler; Sue Harker turns a coaster for a wine bottle; woodcarver Paul Purnell makes a pheasant-head walking stick topper; and Dave Western indulges his sweet tooth and uses ice-lolly sticks to carve a traditional-style lovespoon.
In our Techniques articles, Charles Mak shares a few ideas for bench vice stops; John Bullar has a guide to choosing, using and maintaining planes; Matt Estlea’s joint exercise frame will help you perfect your layout skills; Kevin Jan Bonner explains why French polishing is easier than you might think; Alan Goodsell tells you all you need to know about making, buying and using push sticks; and Anthony Bailey has a guide to using rebate cutters.
In Features, the team at Five Oak Projects tells us about their passion for building and restoring green oak structures; we showcase the projects shortlisted for the Wood Awards; Chris Tomes tells us about his furniture business; and Alice Whitehead learns about the myriad benefits of urban trees.
All this and more in issue 64 of Woodworking Crafts!

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