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Woodturning Issue 357


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In issue 357 of Woodturning magazine we have lots for you to enjoy. In Projects, Les Symonds turns a replica of an ancient Persian vessel; Ian Woodford creates a finial lidded box; Sue Harker makes a sunflower tealight bowl; Stephen Long makes a handy gardening set; Michael O’Donnell turns a thin, translucent bowl; Colwin Way begins work on a croquet set; and Rick Rich makes a mallet for his workshop.

In our Techniques section, Richard Findley experiments with jigsaw patterns; Tony Nicol continues his series on shape; Andy Coates looks at the potential health problems of working with wood; Mark Palma shares his tips for improved abrading; and Kurt Hertzog answers readers’ questions.

In Features, we speak to young woodturner Matt Underwood; Les Cooper tells us how the Gloucestershire Association of Woodturners has changed over the last year; and Pete Moncrieff-Jury considers the influence of Art Deco.

Plus we have the latest news from the woodturning community and a sneak peek of our next issue.

All this and more in Woodturning 357!

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