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Woodturning – Issue 384


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In issue 384 of Woodturning magazine we have lots for you to enjoy, beginning with our Guest Editor, Colwin Way, who introduces the issue; sources and prepares a silver birch for turning; profiles woodturner Nick Agar; and looks at the work of Nathan and Nathanael, two young turners who have overcome personal challenges.

In Projects, Andrew Potocnik creates a fluted pumpkin box; Les Symonds turns an off-centre bowl embellished with sun and moon symbols; Andy Coates makes a tambour embroidery tool; Kevin Alviti adds to his handmade kitchen tool collection with a wooden scoop; Pat Carroll turns and paints a leaf-shaped box; and James N Duxbury creates a slatted accordion vase.

In our Techniques section, Mark Palma explores reverse sanding; Rick Rich practises his gouge skills with some green wood bowls ; and Kurt Hertzog answers readers’ questions.

In Features, Darren Crisp tells us about his historic contribution to The Cross of Wales, which was used at the coronation of King Charles III; in part one of a two-part adventure, Rick Eastman shares the planning and building of an ambitious new woodturning workshop for colleague Lionel Thain; Donna Rhindress shares how she found a love for woodturning on a remote Canadian island; Richard Findley talks about homemade tools and some of the interesting jobs he’s been working on in his latest workshop diary; and Pete Moncrieff-Jury discusses toxic timber.

Plus we have the latest news from the woodturning community and a sneak peek of our next issue.

All this and more in Woodturning 384!

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