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Woodturning – Issue 386


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In issue 386 of Woodturning magazine we have lots for you to enjoy, beginning with our Guest Edi-tor, Les Symonds, who introduces the issue; turns a multi-ribbed bowl inspired by a ceramic vessel; introduces Maryland-based professional turner Michael Cruz; looks to the future of the RPT; and shares the mantra that he teaches to his turning students.

In Projects, Andy Coates makes a picnic bowl; Andrew Potocnik creates a chiaroscuro wall decora-tion; John Hawkswell converts a piece of a local tree into a beautiful urn; Mike Stafford turns a red mallee triple bowl; Alan Holtham discovers how quick light pulls are to make; Sue Harker turns a multi-faceted bud vase; Mark Palma makes a spinning top; and Pat Carroll adds texture to a beech bowl.

In our Techniques section, Kurt Hertzog answers readers’ questions; and James Duxbury uses his Duxbury Chuck to turn an offset box.

In Features, Colwin Way and Nick Agar continue their seven-week woodturning tour of the USA; Alan Goodsell shares his highlights from the AAW Symposium; Richard Findley tries his hand at metalwork in his latest workshop diary; and Pete Moncrieff-Jury allows himself the opportunity to turn mistakes into successes.

Plus we have the latest news from the woodturning community and a sneak peek of our next issue.

All this and more in Woodturning 386!

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