Woodturning Issue 341

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In issue 341 of Woodturning magazine we have lots for you to enjoy. In Projects, Colwin Way makes wooden jewellery; Mark Sanger creates an unusual split-turned sculptural vase; Andrew Potocnik shows how to make an unusual box with a spinning top lid; Jason Breach makes a box inspired by pagodas; Ian Woodford reflects on making a small, hand-held mirror; Les Symonds makes a simple kitchen utensil; Mark Baker creates some delightful hedgehogs; and Chris West crafts a mirror with an offset decorative pattern.

In our Techniques section, Andy Coates continues his series on using up wood that would normally be turned into shavings; Richard Findley experiments with pierced turnings; and Kurt Hertzog answers readers’ questions.

In Features, Dale Guilford talks to Mark Baker about what drives his creativity; Mike Macey tells us about his turning ventures; and Pete Moncrieff-Jury analyses some of the comments from the public about turned work at shows and events.

As well as all this, we also have our usual Kit & Tools pages, Leader from the Editor, Community news and a sneak peek of our next issue.

All this and more in Woodturning 341!