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Breathe Magazine – Issue 40


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Life carries on. There might be times when its presence is unwelcome or intrusive. It can even seem insensitive – how can traffic flow, shops open and people chatter when a heart is broken? Mostly, however, everyday murmurs of life bring reassurance, especially when they’re found in nature – the buzz of a solitary bee, the snuffling of a hedgehog, the flutter of a butterfly’s wings.
In fact, the sounds, sights, scents and sensations of the natural world are a remedy for peace and calm at those very moments when one might wish that everything would just stop, or at least slow down a little. It’s why so many people love the great outdoors.
Some choose to venture far, tucking an old-fashioned map in their pocket as they head off to navigate the wider countryside, identifying flora and fauna en route. Others opt for local green spaces, be it a private garden, a public park, or, perhaps more unusually, a graveyard, a place where life and death are inextricably interwined and that can offer room for humankind to reflect and wildlife to flourish.
Wherever you choose to enjoy nature – and with the warmer days, now’s a good time to do it – take time to stop, listen, look and tune in to the hum of all Earth’s creatures. Life can be hard, but time spent in nature can make it feel that bit easier.

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