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Woodturning – Issue 379


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In issue 379 of Woodturning magazine we have lots for you to enjoy, beginning with our Guest Editor, Pat Carroll, who welcomes you to the issue; makes a wire-inlaid box; and catches up with his friend and world renowned turner, Jimmy Clewes

In Projects, Andy Coates turns a bowl from salvaged red gum; Andrew Potocnik builds a stylish pin oak table; James N Duxbury creates segmented bowls with ogee curves; Sue Harker turns an Art Deco-inspired reed diffuser; Les Symonds continues his toy-making series with a biplane; Mike Stafford makes his own awl; John Hawkswell joins the gonk craze with a range of designs; Ian Woodford turns salt and pepper mills with black and white inserts; Kevin Alviti adds to his kitchen collection with a turned tagliatelle maker; and Matt Long makes a bullet-shaped box with a lid.

In our Techniques section, Janice Levi applies eggshell to an inlay; Kurt Hertzog answers readers’ questions; and Nick Simpson and Julian Cox make a demagnetiser.

In Features, Richard Findley reports on another busy month in his workshop; we find out how Barnaby Ash is benefitting from QEST funding; and Pete Moncrieff-Jury contemplates the creative spirit in woodturning.

Plus we have the latest news from the woodturning community and a sneak peek of our next issue.

All this and more in Woodturning 379!

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