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Woodcarving Issue 180


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Issue 180 of Woodcarving magazine is filled with a host of great articles for you. In our Projects section, Steve Bisco makes some useful and decorative solid oak bookends; Zoe Gertner carves a kingfisher and river scene onto a bowl; Tatiana Baldini shares a technical chip carving project; Dave Western carves a Celtic-style sun image; Cedric Boyns continues work on his hare and tortoise money box; Jean-Jacques Frézouls sculpts a bas-relief Druid figure; spoon-carving expert Lee Stoffer shows the first steps in making a cooking spoon from a sycamore log; Glenda Bennett makes a hand mirror; and Paul Purnell carves a black swan walking stick topper.
We have some great Techniques pieces for you too. Dennis Zongker demonstrates how to carve realistic-looking hands; John Samworth continues his relief carving landscapes series with an introduction to scenery; Peter Benson goes back to basics, carving in the home; and Nic Westermann tackles another of your tool sharpening problems with a look at the U-tool.
In Features, we talk to Alexander Grabovetskiy about his work and his woodcarving school; review two new books for your workshop library; and take a closer look at Spain’s Astorga Cathedral.
We also have updates from the carving community and a peek at our next issue.
All this and more in Woodcarving magazine 180!

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