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Woodcarving Issue 176


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Issue 176 of Woodcarving magazine is filled with a host of great articles for you. In our Projects section, Steve Bisco carves and gilds a classical acanthus swirl; John Samworth creates a motif plaque; Paul Purnell carves a hare’s head to top a walking stick; Dave Western decorates a bedboard with traditional Icelandic designs; Mark Gough carves a pierced wall panel; Cedric Boyns lets his imagination take flight with a hanging parrot; Mark Ivan Fortune makes an oak and laurel frame; and Murray Taylor tells us what he carved during lockdown.
In Features, we pay tribute to bird carver and Woodcarving author Mike Wood, who has sadly passed away; and in the Art of Carving, we trace the remarkable history of the Amber Room.
We have some great Techniques pieces for you too. Peter Benson demonstrates how to carve a whole head; Tim Burgess presents a guide to the art of chainsaw carving; Mark Baker demonstrates traditional bowl carving techniques; and Adrian Lloyd concludes his series on knife grips.
We also have updates from the carving community and a peek at our next issue.
All this and more in Woodcarving magazine 176!

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