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Furniture and Cabinetmaking – Issue 310


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In issue 310 of Furniture & Cabinetmaking you’ll find plenty to inspire and inform your furniture making.

In our Projects section, Israel Martin makes a small oak cupboard with sliding dovetails; Mike Whittall explains how a love of sailing inspired his design for a shelving unit; Tom Eddolls builds and carves a mahogany stool; Katrina Tompkins explains how she makes her Finefolk Chair; Jason Breach turns a small table with tricky offset brackets; Salvatore Fusco and Melissa Di Marzo use different techniques and woods to build a storage box; Dennis Zongker turns the back legs and assembles the apron of his hallway table; Anthony Bailey reimagines the medieval Glastonbury Chair; Louise Biggs restores an antique sewing box; and Michael T Collins makes a Shaker-style hanging cabinet.

In Techniques, Germán Peraire describes the build of a spring-loaded secret compartment; John Bullar shares his top sharpening tips for a professional finish; and Rob Prentice introduces the Osaka Castle Joint.

In Features, Johan Roudy explores the Louis XVI style; we learn how two nature-inspired tables earned Bespoke Guild Marks; and we showcase the winners of the Wood Awards.

We also have profiles of talented designer-makers BOA; Allan and Frances Peterson of Milkwood on Main; Tim van Caubergh; Wyatt Speight Rhue; and Matthew Coutts.

All this and more in issue 310 of Furniture & Cabinetmaking!

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