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Breathe Wellbeing Journal


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Enjoy a unique self-care experience with the Breathe Wellbeing Journal. This beautifully designed book is filled with notes and ideas to enable you to plan and implement wellness goals, so that you can benefit from a more balanced, happier lifestyle. It is divided into separate self-care sections including Practising Gratitude, Eating for Good Health and Managing Stress. By following its prompts and filling its pages with your personal thoughts and feelings, along with lists, stories and drawings, you can consider the things that are important to your wellbeing and explore how to achieve them. There is plenty of space for you to journal your questions, thoughts and ideas, and so create a wellbeing journal that is uniquely yours.

A combined self-help manual, motivational tool, notebook and planner, the Breathe Wellbeing Journal is a must-have if you’re looking for a trusted voice to help you achieve your goals.

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