Make Time for Yourself Issue 2: Breathe Amazing at Any Age


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Remember the big 3-0? What about the 4-0, 5-0 and 6-0? All milestones. And all points when phrases such as ‘How did that happen?’, ‘Where did the years go?’ and ‘I’m so ancient’ might have sprung to mind.

When you look back, however, 30 wasn’t ancient (far from it) and neither’s 60. The perception of age, like so many things, is relative as becomes apparent in this Breathe special. It’s experienced and viewed differently across societies and cultures and, while there are always people out there who are younger than you, there’ll be others who’ve clocked up more years than you have.

In many respects, age – or, at least, getting older – is only as significant as you allow it to be. This is, perhaps, especially true when the ‘R’ word begins to feature more frequently in one’s vocabulary. Yes, retirement. Many embrace it, but for some it equals a crisis in self-confidence and anxiety about how the days, weeks and months will pan out in future.

Who are you if no longer a teacher, retail assistant or business analyst? Well, many things actually – the embodiment of years of knowledge, experiences and emotions. You’re still you. And what are you going to do now you no longer have to go into the school, boutique or office every day? Well, loads! The question could, in fact, be ‘How will you be able to fit everything in while fulfilling family responsibilities?’.

Life after full-time work or years dedicated to family life can be daunting, but think of the opportunities. Imagine having the time to study a much-loved subject at degree level; to visit art galleries when the hordes have passed; to pursue a long-held passion; to enjoy an unhurried coffee and some people-watching with a friend; to revisit far-flung countries whose riches you could only glance through a coach window on a two-week break from work; to sit and read a book from cover to cover. Imagine, finally, having time to care for your needs and desires.

Whatever your age, set your own boundaries, follow your own style, do your own thing. Family and friends might raise an eyebrow, but who cares? It’s your time. And this Breathe special is ready to help you embrace it because life is amazing at any age.