Woodworking Crafts Issue 68


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In issue 68 of Woodworking Crafts you’ll find plenty to inspire and inform your crafts. In Projects, Mitch Peacock builds a pair of mortising stools; Anthony Bailey creates an Edwardian-style plant stand; Dave Clement makes an inlaid keepsake box; Paul Maddock makes a kite-shaped clock; Nick Arnull turns wooden jewellery; Alan Holtham builds an unusual picnic bench; Rob Stoakley designs a shooting board; Alessandro Minenza and Francesca Ramaglia finish their child’s play house; Alan Goodsell and Randall Maxey make an oversize garden game; Kevin Jan Bonner rescues and restores an antique mahogany cabinet; Glenda Bennett makes five linked jigsaw boxes; Andy Standing builds a computer stand; and Mark Constanduros uses his router to make a kitchen work trolley.
In our Techniques articles, Dave Western demonstrates bent carving knives; John Bullar shares his tool sharpening techniques; Peter Benson has a beginner’s guide to relief carving; Charles Mak tells us his top masking tape tips; and Anthony Bailey explains the basics of using a pillar drill.
In Features, we meet Danish designer Henrik Tjaerby and Swedish maker Oskar Boström; Sophie Carthy looks into the benefits of a volunteering holiday; and we learn about the extraordinary career of letter carver and sculptor Gary Breeze.
All this and more in issue 68 of Woodworking Crafts!