Woodworking Crafts Issue 65


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In issue 65 of Woodworking Crafts you’ll find plenty to inspire and inform your craftsIn ProjectsMitch Peacock makes a wooden shoulder plane; Charles Mak makes a set of louvre shutters; Mark Gough makes a small benchtop vice; Giacomo Malaspina challenges himself to make a piece of furniture as quickly as possibleAlan Holtham’s clamp rack design offers an ideal, portable storage solution for clampsAnthony Bailey makes a Mission-style bedside cabinetRob Stoakley updates Alan Peters’ classic Japanese-style floor lamp designRick Rich makes the perfect winter woodturning project – a snowman on a stumpLouise Biggs repairs a damaged fruitwood spice cupboard; John Everett uses his scrollsaw to make a traditional Celtic lovespoon; Derek Jones makes a small jewellery box, perfect for using up timber offcuts; Emma Basden turns an old pallet into a handy wine caddy; and Andy Standing makes some handy kitchen storage from just one plank of wood 

In our Techniques articlesAnthony Bailey explains the uses and features of the Domino Joiner; Michael Huntley shares his tips for making dowel joints; John Bullar offers practical solutions for some common woodworking problems; and Colwin Way explains how to combine epoxy resin casting with wood to create unique pieces 

In Featureswe celebrate Britain’s Trees of the Year 2020; Oscar Whitcombe of Bedford School tells us about his BrainBox GCSE project; we consider the appeal of small, cosy spaces with a look at a Canadian cabinKate Forder explores the history of Mission furniture; Holly Farrell considers the many benefits of chopping logs, for body and mind; we meet Australian designer Josh Carmody, who brings the worlds of architecture and furniture making together; Matt Long explains which saws you need in your toolkit; and Owen Manson tells us about the joys of working with reclaimed wood. 

All this and more in issue 65 of Woodworking Crafts!