Make Time for Yourself: Air Dry Clay


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Air-dry clay is the perfect material to use for a vast range of projects for the whole family and in this magazine we cover a variety of things to make with it. It’s very easy to use and is great for kids as it’s non-toxic. Air-dry clay looks and feels like traditional clay used for ceramics, but it doesn’t require heating in a kiln or baking in an oven. It dries in the air and when dry, it’s hard and can be sanded and painted. It’s very versatile, you can model with it as well as roll and texture it. It’s affordable enough for kids to play around with – most kids love cutting shapes with cookie cutters and pressing rubber stamps or other textures into the clay’s surface.

In this issue we bring you fully illustrated step-by-step projects and a comprehensive Getting Started section so you can get creative using air-dry clay even if you are a complete novice. Some of the projects are more complex than others and they range in the amount of time needed to finish the piece.

Why not try a few simple tags for presents to start with? These can be made in a couple of hours and it’s a great project for kids to get involved in. If you are feeling like a more challenging weekend make, the tea light houses are pretty complex but look gorgeous when finished and will give you a great sense of achievement when all the compliments start rolling in from family and friends.

Crafting provides a feeling of satisfaction, who doesn’t like that warm feeling when you see what you’ve created? Having a practical task for your hands while allowing the mind to rest and relax is a great way to release the stress of modern life.

Enjoy creating!